Friends,We celebrate World Water Day on 22 March, so I brought Best Slogans On Save Water In English and Amazing facts about water .

Slogans On Save Water In English,Amazing facts about water
              Slogans On Save Water In English 

We all know that water is a life which is a precious boon of nature, but when it comes to its conservation, other people do not pay attention to it.
 There is 2/3 of the water on the surface of the earth, but potable is only 0.002% so save water. People consider the misuse of water as free. Water expenditure will emerge as a severe crisis in the coming times.
We all need to be aware to conserve water. Otherwise, it will be too late. To spread this awareness, here we are giving precious thoughts and slogans on saving water (Slogans On Save Water In English), you must read and share it to others as well.

  👉Save water, save life 'Priceless thoughts and slogans on saving water for water conservation' Slogans on Save Water and its Importance.

Best Slogans On Save Water (~°_°~)  In English :-

 1. "Water is the precious boon of nature, remember this!
  Do not waste it; the coming generation will never forgive you otherwise !! "

  2. Life is not burning; keep this knowledge in mind!
  How will the generations to live, keep this in mind !!

3.  "If there is no water then the fields will dry up,
  Earth will become barren; the sand will remain! "

 4. "You save water, only then it will save you!"

  5. “Save water! Save the world! It is in your hands. "

 6. "The best gift you can give to the coming generation is water."

 7. "There is a thin line between using water and wasting water."

8.  "Water conservation is not only our responsibility but also our duty,
  Come and swear together, drop and save water. ”

  9."If you conserve water, it means that you conserve life."

  10. "By misuse, Neer is becoming less,
  Be careful; the problem is severe. "

  11. "You will crave a drop of water if you pour water like this!"

  12. "When you save water, only then you will be called wise!"

 13. "Use water only when it is needed!"

  14. "If there is water, there is love in life. Otherwise, your story is finished."

 15. "If you want to know the price of a drop of water, ask a thirsty person."

  16. "Do not pollute the water or else it will be ruined tomorrow."

  17. "We can live without love; we can live without money.  But we cannot live without water. "

  18. "There is tomorrow if there is water, it is difficult to live without water."

  19. “Water is priceless; you know its value!
  Nothing without water, obey us !! "

  20. "Water is the salvation of the universe,
  All beings live by drinking water,
  Water is the basis of living! "

  21. "Greenery is only from water,
  Life without water is terrible! "

  22. "Water on this earth is a precious rattan,
  Do everything to save it together. "

Amazing facts about water for You

Slogans On Save Water In English,Amazing facts about water
 Amazing facts about water

1. 99% of the water on the earth is not potable; only 1% of the water on the earth is drinkable.

 2. 90% of the world's freshwater is found in Antarctica.

  3. 20% of the world's clean water consists of only one lake named Bekal Lake, and this lake is located in Russia.

  4. Hot water freezes quickly, instead of cold water.

 5. Water is divided into three parts in science, in liquid, solid and gas form.

 6. An elephant is the only animal in animals that can detect water from 5 km away.

 7. There is also an interesting fact that more water is spread in our environment than rivers and drains found on earth.

 8. Most of the water in the oceans on earth is found in the Pacific Ocean.

 9. A healthy human body has 70% of water.

 10. Over 700 million Chinese people are forced to drink dirty water.

 11. 70% of the brain of humans is made up of water.

 12. If 10% of water is deficient in the human body, then he can die.

 13. A person can live for months without food.  But a person can't live without water, even for one week.

 14. 83 percent of human blood is made up of water.

 15. World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March.

My thoughts on this Post:- 

I hope you liked this best Slogans On Save Water In English and Amazing facts about water. This is very helpful for students to celebrate World Water Day on 22 March.  This is a note on book essential slogan and shares the post friend and students.

"Save Water happy Life"

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