● In the market of relationships
Same person always alone  Remains
 With heart and tongue Clean ..

Good morning quotes for lover
Good morning quotes 

Good Morning Quotes for Lover :- 

● As you start yet another day in your life, always remember that your troubles will come and go but friends like me will stay with you forever

● I was waiting for the morning. And the time has come now. Wake up my frnd, Get ready and come immediately… I’m waiting.

● Today brings with it songs of hope and melodies of pure joy. Wake up, mate. Can you hear the sound?

● The fresh flowers bloom unhindered and my merry heart does likewise now. The thoughts of you having a lovely day today keeps me happy and joyful.

● Until we meet again, I will always call upon the fond memories of the time we had together. I miss you, but it’s alright.

● It will be a great day today for both of us. The reason is, we will spend time together to catch up on old times.

● I don’t crave for a connection with you because it happens without us trying. You and me are meant to be.

● The only thing more beautiful than the warm sunrise is our Friendship.

Good Morning Quotes for Him :- 

● May this early morning message locate you at your finest and infuse the strongest feelings in you because you mean the world to me.

● Friends… the delightful pieces of sugar in life’s cuppa.

● For a true friendship, there are four important words: Love, Truth, Honesty and Respect. Without these words friends are nothing.

● Call on me, and I will be right there by your side. You don’t have to beg for my presence; it is yours by default.

● You are better than the best and more compassionate than the kindest person. I pray that you have every reason to stay happy today.

● Even if you aren’t here with me, I am sure my heart is following you anywhere you go. I will think of you all day,

● Little things count so, I wish to send my hugs across to my sweet friend this morning. Hope they warm your heart and brighten your day.

● If ever you need anything today, call on me and I will quickly find my way to you with the answer.

● Happiness is when you wake up and suddenly you remember that your day will be filled with fun and laughter.

● Our friendship is like a cup of coffee early in the morning: strong, refreshing, thick and addicting. I can’t have enough of your awesome personality in my life.

Good Morning Quotes for Him Lover :- 

● Having you as my close friend is a dream come true. I prayed for a respectful and loyal friend who will understand me the way I am. You’ve been much more to me.

● It is morning already, and I can’t wait to blossom and shine in your company. You make our friendship worth the while with your free spirit.

● I am not just lucky to be your friend; I am fortunate to be associated with your kind. Always know that you mean a lot, even unspoken, to me.

● “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

● “Forget what happened yesterday. It’s a new morning and this morning wants you to move on!”

● “If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.”

● Waking up early in the morning and seeing your smile makes me feel truly blessed.

● “No matter how bad things are, you can at least be happy that you woke up this morning.”

● Your friendship is an asset to keep. I thank god every day for making you a part of my life.

● Open your eyes and have a look at this beautiful morning. You’ll find happiness in every moment of it.

● Waking up every morning knowing that I have a friend like you gives me so much courage and fills my heart with hopes.

● It doesn’t matter how bad was your yesterday. Today, you are going to make it a good one.

● I thank god every morning for giving me such a good friend like you. You deserve to be happy today and every day.

● God has granted you yet another day to make your dreams come true. Accept it with all your heart. Let’s give your life a new start.

● My friend, let’s welcome this wonderful morning with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

● Wishing you a successful day ahead my dear. You have just received yet another chance to rise and shine like a diamond.

● Wake up, have your cup of morning tea and let the morning wind freshen you up like a happiness pill.

● The darkness of night has ended. A new sun is up there to guide you towards a life so bright and blissful

● A new day has come with so many new opportunities for you. Grab them all and make the best out of your day.

● Every morning is a new blessing, a second chance that life gives you because you’re so worth it. Have a great day ahead.

● Wake up like the superstar you are and let the world know you’re not going to stop until you get what you deserve.

● Wake up like the sun every morning and light up the world your awesomeness. You have so many great things to achieve today.

● Another day has just started. Welcome the blessings of this beautiful morning. Rise and shine like you always do.

● Nothing is more refreshing than a beautiful morning that calms your mind and gives you reasons to smile. Wishing you a great day.

● Waking up in such a beautiful morning is a guaranty for a day that’s beyond amazing. I hope you’ll make the best of it.

● I know you slept tight all night. Now wake up and welcome a new sun so bright, here to make your day right.

● Breathing in the morning fresh air makes you healthier and wiser. Don’t ignore the blessings that every morning offers to us.

● Welcome this beautiful morning with a smile on your face. I hope you’ll have a great day today.

● Life is full of uncertainties. But there will always be a sunrise after every sunset

● Life never gives you a second chance. So, enjoy every bit of it. Why not start with this beautiful Good Morning

● Get up early in the morning and don’t forget to say thank you to God for giving you another day!

● Every morning brings you new hopes and new opportunities. Don’t miss any one of them while you’re sleeping.

● Its time to wake up, take a deep breath and enjoy the sweetness of nature with all your heart.

● "Even when I wake up I feel like I am in a dream Because you are the woman of my dreams

● "It is ?ime to say g?odbye to ?he shining stars ?nd greet the ?orning sun Smile f?r me beautiful and ?njoy your day"

● "Your morning hugs are the key to a secret safe Where I store all my happy memories

● "Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them"

● "You are the light of my world, the music in my heart and the first thought of my day .

● "Sun is happy, Moon is angry. Why? Because;
Moon is missing you and Sun is wishing you,

● "Hurry Out Of Bed. The New Day Is Waiting For You! May You Have A Truly Wonderful Time."

● "Night has gone and the moon, too.
Sun is shinning and the sky is blue.
Time to open your beautiful eyes;

● "Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop struggling.

● "Words Are The Only Weightless Things In This World That Can Actually Make You Feel Heavy.."

Good Morning Quotes for Gf (Girlfriend):- 

● Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.

● "You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight"

● THOUGHTS Will Lead You In CIRCLES...SILENCE Will  Bring You Back To Your CENTRE.....

● It's Easy To FOOL The EYE But It's Hard To FOOL The HEART.....

● People who don't  mirror your honesty and integrity don't belong in your circle.

● Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.

● You Can't Have A Better Tomorrow...If You're Always Thinking About Yesterday.....

● The Very FIRST Step Towards SUCCESS In Any OCCUPATION Is To Become INTERESTED In It.....

● Never BEND Your HEAD...Always HOLD It HIGH.....

● The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.

● Never Give Up On Your DREAM... Because You  Never Know What The LORD Can BLESS You With.....

●The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

● Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

● Best medicine to stay fit and healthy;
Practice it and feel the difference....
All Stay Blessed & Blissful !

● Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.

● Sometimes The PEOPLE You'd Take A BULLET For  Are The Ones Behind The TRIGGER.....

● Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing....

● You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great....

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