General info of Hundred :- A story of two extremely opposite girls who come together for mutual benefits. Will they achieve their purposes?

Quickies :-

1. Upcoming Disney+Hotstar Vip Original
2. Hindi language
3. Drama, Action and Comedy
4. Releasing on 25th April.

Brief Review of Hundred :-

The trailer starts with the story of Netra ( Rinku Rajguru) who has a dream of traveling to Switzerland. On the othet hand, we see ACP Saumya shukla (Lara Dutta), who want more respect and promotion but treated as the item girl of department.
Netra finds herself tumours and has only 100 days left. Acp proposes her an under cover agent job to make her dreams true as well as her own. The story revolves around this plot with some action and comic scenes.
Rinku plays her character calmly as well as Lara.
The supporting cast is do its job efficiently but we can't judge a book by it's cover so chill out and wait for the film.

Hotstar Special Hundred Trailer :-

Cast & crew -

Watch if :- You are fond of comic+action content and want to watch some fresh content. We  expect Lara  to give us some drama in these boring days. Rinku Rajguru is a new talent so this may be another reason to watch.

Don't watch if :- you are frustrated with these types of stories. The trailer doesn't make us excited. We see and forget about what we've just watched. There are tons of this type of content so this obviously not that type of freshness.

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