Can a wife murder someone to prove his husband innocent? Mrs. Serial killer  trailer raises the question.

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Mrs. Serial Killer

Mrs. Serial killer
Review (2020):-

This is the upcoming Netflix original crime thriller film which is written as well as directed by shirish kunder.
 In the very first beginning of the trailer we see Jacqueline in a dizzy state with a hostage.
As the trailer goes on, she is identified as a criminal's wife trying to save her husband with her illegal actions.
 Manoj bajpai is psychological character
who even plays with his own wife's brain.
  Mohit suri is playing another cop role after his last web series "bhaukal".
 Amir khan niece Zayn Marie makes her acting debut appearance in a film.
  So the whole trailer gives us only guess and suspenses encouraging to watch the film.

Mrs. Serial killer Trailer:-

Credit of video YouTube channal Netflix

Directed By :-

Shirish  Kunder

Producer :- 

Farah Khan

Cast of  Mrs. Serial killer :-

Credit: @Jacqueline Fernandez

Manoj Bajpayee

Credit: @Manoj Bajpayee

Mohit Raina

Zayn Marie
Credit: @Zayn Khan

Releasing Date of  Mrs. Serial killer :-

Netflix original crime thriller film releasing 1 May 2020.

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Why  see  Mrs. Serial killer ?

If you are seeking thrill and suspense in these lazy lockdown days.
It may be a good option for you. Manoj bajpai is a well known actor so you may see some really good acting of him.
 After a long time, finally we can see manoj in a grey shed.

Why  not see Mrs. Serial killer  ?

Trailer is good but not enough to give goosebumps.
 Jacqueline hasn't played any well known role till now so we can only hope that this will be the ice-breaker.
Mohit is doing fine but seems confused a bit. So if you are just started watching this gener, you should watch some milestone movis like "shutter island" or "andhadhun" first.

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