So finally trailer of netflix original web series "Betaal" is out and here is the ultimate trailer review.
 "Betaal" Web Series Trailer Review(2020), Netflix betaal web series,
 "Betaal" Web Series
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Netflix original web series
●24th may 2020(Releasing Date)
●Suspense- thriller

Ultimate "Betaal" web series trailer review:-

 "Betaal" Web Series Trailer Review(2020), Netflix betaal web series,
 "Betaal" Web Series
(image twitter)

The trailer starts with the scene of some troops of Indian army. They are assigned to clear a pathway for civilians.
The pathway is a tunnel which is haunted. Villagers nearby tell captain the whole story of fear but captain has to start the work.
Once the work is started, there starts the unwanted game of death and fear too.

Trailer Of "Betaal" Netflix Web Series:-

--->> Written and Directed by Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan

Cast of "Betaal" Web Series :-

●Viineet Kumar Singh
●Jitendra Joshi
●Aahana Kumra
●Suchitra Pillai

Reasons to watch:- 

If you are fond of thriller and horror content then this may be a good option for you.

Vineet kumar singh (mukkabaz fame)  has potential and he is expected to do a good acting.
Aahana kumara (lipstick under my burqa fame) is also a decent actress. So this can also be a reason to watch.

Reasons not to watch:-

First thing that I didn't like the content so much. This is very regular and  stereotype content and we are bored of watching it.

We do not want copied material like the scene of "Betaal web series" where dead people wake up and work for their master. Haven't we watched this type of scene in Game of thrones ( white walkers).

Conclusions " Betaal " web series trailer review :-

Personally I am not very excited to watch but when it comes about Vineet's acting, I am definitely in.
So watch trailer and let us know how you feel.

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