There are several web series and tv shows in world but did you ever feel that some of them stuck inside your head so deeply that you want to erase your memory to feel and watch them again. I know your answer is a big Yesss so here are a list of top 10 mind blowing web series of all time that I've personally watched and you can watch in 2020. We hope, you will love the list and make sure to comment to support us. 

Top 10 Mind Blowing Web Series of All Time

top 10 mind blowing web series.
Best Web Series

10. Sacred Games Season 1:-

This show was a new concept of Indian viewers and made the base for upcoming web series and tv shows. This was a crime thriller and mystery web series in which top actors of bollywood industry were casted. The main characters of the story are a cop (Saif Ali Khan), a criminal (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and a intelligent priest (Pankaj Tripathi) who wants to create a new world from ashes. The first season of the show was a big bang but unfortunately the second season did not continue the success so we give it 10th rank. 

09. Mr. Robot :- 

This shows contains a whole new concept and introduces us with the world of today's magic i.e HACKING. The show has 4 seasons and drama, techno thriller and psychology thriller jonar. The story revolves around a cyber security engineering who is a unstable hacker during night. You can watch it for Rami Malek's fabulous acting and real hacking techniques applied. 

08. 13 Reasons why:-

  It was a netflix original web series which was first aired in march, 2017. The plot of this show revolves around a girl who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes behind to revel her reason of death. This was very thrilling and suspense full show but the reason we gave it 8th place is that I found its first season only worthy enough to be watched. 

07. The Family man:-

 This was a Amazon prime original show aired in 2019. It is simple but very thrilling show of Indian tv series. We adore Manoj Bajpai as an undercover agent who tries to balance his professional life with public life. The first season was a boom and we expect the same from its upcoming seasons. 

6. Mirzapur :- 

The first reason we gave it  higher ranking than Sacred Games is that its story is quite simple and easy to understand for every type of viewer moreover it has a very suspenseful and thriller impact. The story is about a Don named Kalin Bhaiya(Pankaj Tripathi), his son Munna Tripathi ( Divyendu ) and Guddu Pandit(Ali Fazal) and their mutual interactions. My own survey states that it got more popularity than any other Indian web series. 

5. Hannibal :-

 This show has a very thrilling and  intense plot of murders, crimes and men eaters (cannibals). It was first aired in 2013 and got massive popularity. The main heros of the story are a cannibal named Hannibal Lecter and a cop Will Graham. We recommend to watch it only if you are not afraid of graphic content. Actor Mads Mikkelsen has done a noteworthy performance as Hannibal Lecter. 

4. Money Heist:- 

It is originally a Spanish web show named La casa de papel. The show was on high demand during this lock down. The show is beautifully created and organized. The story revolves around a criminal master mind named The Professor and his gang who has a plan to print billion of euros in the Royal Mint Of Spain. The show is so addictive that you can't wait for the next episode however we found the third and fourth season ( second heist) a little dull so we give it 4th position. 

3. Sherlock :-

 It is a BBC original show which is based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional spy Sherlock Holmes. The main characters i.e Sherlock is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch aka Dr. Strange and Dr. Watson by Martin Freeman. The show itself is very suspenseful and thrilling and compels you to watch next episode. Each character is played very beautifully and all 4 seasons are awesome. 

2. Dark:-

It is a science fiction, thriller and drama mystery we show which was first aired in December 2017 but got popularity during this lock down period. The show originally is a German but also available in English. The show is very addictive and beautifully created and we love to watch it more and more. As the story goes on, you will find a new thrill and suspense that you can't imagine. Every episode is a whole new bunch of mystery and mind puzzling material. If you found science thrillers fascinating, then this is a must go show for you. 

1. Breaking Bad :- 

The ultimate winner here is none of the other Breaking Bad. The show was first aired in January 2008 and finally in 2013. Every character of this show is like an emotion. You will bound yourself with the story so hard that you can't wait to watch the whole. The story is very simple that is a journey of a high school chemistry teacher who discovers that he has cancer and decides to get into the meth-making business to repay his medical bills however very beautifully written and plotted. The show won many prizes like golden globe award for best television series. We gave it 1st position because its simplicity and awesomeness. Each character is perfectly placed and you can't change it for any reason. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is the main character who takes you with him to the deep journey of suspense, thrill and crime and you will love this show definitely.

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